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Our Domain Registration Policy

BoldOrion LLC (“We”) is happy to register a domain on your behalf and maintain it for as long as you require, and in fact, we encourage it. Our services and solutions operate smoothly when it all works together.

When We register a domain on your behalf, it belongs to you.

Any correspondence regarding your domain will be issued to an email address that you designate. If your contact details change, please inform us – it is your responsibility to notify us, should it change.

We agree to act in cases of domain renewal on your behalf, to keep the domain active. You agree to make payments in a timely manner as specified in our renewal invoices.

Failure to pay within the date specified on the invoice may run the risk of the domain not being renewed on time, which could mean downtime to your website, email, and other services.

In the event of domain expiration, an additional charge of $100 will apply in order to re-activate the domain in addition to the overdue invoice which led to the expiration. Additional redemption fees may apply, depending on the domain type as imposed by upstream providers.

In circumstances where you transfer your domain to BoldOrion LLC for management, you agree to cooperate and respond in a timely manner throughout the process.

While the domain is under our management, We will use the BoldOrion LLC details for Whois records. These records are made confidential, and can only be accessed by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and individuals they choose to share it with. If you wish to maintain your own Whois records, you will need to transfer the domain to your own management and administration.

You are welcome to transfer your domains out of BoldOrion LLC for your own management, or the management of someone else. Domains are released on the condition that there are no outstanding invoices on your account. You accept that We will not be responsible for any aspects of administration or impact upon domain release.

Version 1 – Updated 1/17/2020

We will notify our customers of any changes made to this policy.